Thursday, September 8, 2011

The 4th

The day of four years ago, i known that's the day for me mature in state. I still remember the scene, the feeling. Four years already, its full of experience of life. I felt proud of myself i can stand in peace and ripeness. Is greatly indebted and extremely grateful to her for the nineteen years love and caring. Although just nineteen years such short of fate, but i will keep in deeply and appreciate it. The feeling, hmm... i don't know how to express now. Just in simple, i miss her, i love her, my superwomen: my dearest mum- Helen Khor. Always on my mind.

 at Bangkok 1996. from left Grandmum( mummy's mum ^^), mummy, and daddy~ that kid? its me-.-

* Grandmum was leave too after one week of my mum leaving.

The day i wont forget, September 8, 2007. Miss you mummy.

RIP mummy and grandmum. Blessing.